George’s Christmas Dinner

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I met George in Kinsale, Co. Cork last Saturday, we had a good chat, I took his picture, wished him well and told him I hoped he got his wish.
(If you haven’t read the post you can find it here – George’s Story)

I posted the picture to facebook Monday morning and the response was amazing, from comments, private mails, friends texting me offering information on services for homeless people on Christmas day, to people inviting him to their own home for Christmas dinner and bed for the night and some even offering to pay for a hotel/dinner.

Of all the private messages I received, one instantly caught my attention. It from George’s sister Sheelagh saying she hadn’t seen him in 12 years and wanted to invite him to her home for Christmas.
She also wrote about how their mother wasn’t well and asked if i had taken George’s contact details. I hadn’t.
All I knew for certain about George was that he was planning on staying in Kinsale till the 16th of December before moving on.

The day I met George I had been in Kinsale for a couple of hours shooting pictures for HOI and as I was leaving I noticed George was sitting outside Centra having a cup of tea. So that was my starting point. I rang that Centra on Tuesday morning and was talking to Eric who was very helpful, told him the story, emailed him the picture I took of George and gave him my contact number to pass on if he saw George.
I didn’t hear anything back for 2hrs (I’m really impatient) so i rang the Kinsale Tourist office and got talking to a lovely lady called Angela who was also very helpful. About an hour later my phone rang, i didn’t recognise the number..could it be George? I answered hoping it wasn’t just one of my friends with a new number when a voice said, “Is that Lee? This is George, i believe you were looking for me.”
We chatted for a few minutes, I passed on the message from his sister and he couldn’t believe that Sheelagh had actually seen the facebook post.

Sheelagh sent me a mail a short while later saying she had chatted with George and their other sister was going to call him later too so that George could talk to his mother.

I was so happy that my chance meeting with this stranger had now resulted in reconnecting him with his family.

Then this morning George called to tell me that he was returning to the family home next Wednesday. We had a really nice chat, he sounded so up beat compared to our first meeting.
He thanked me, wished me a Merry Christmas and hoped that we stay in touch. I returned his well wishes and that I hoped he enjoys Christmas Dinner with his family this year.