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We’re two photographer (K&L) cataloging the Humans of Ireland, one picture and story at a time.


K has been involved with directing and producing music videos and television commercials for the past 7 years.
Although his background is in video, Street photography has always been a passion for him and when first introduced
to the concept of HONY his passion became something more.

“I love the concept, the idea that everybody has their own story. Shooting with Humans of Ireland has allowed me to
snap and share these stories. People fascinate me, sometimes I feel like I get more out of this project than the
people on our Facebook and website. As long as they keep clicking like, we’ll keep posting. To date K has shot over
1000 complete strangers and shared their stories with the ever growing fan base Humans of Ireland is gaining.


L has been a professional photographer for the last 8 years. He has always had a passion for street photography,
wanting to start some form of street photography blog he bounced around a few ideas but been such a fan of
Humans of New York decided to start Humans of Ireland.

“The HONY concept has been fascinating to follow and gives such an interesting insight into people lives. I knew
an Irish version would work really well as we’re a national that loves to tell a good story. The main goal I’d
like for the project to achieve from the pictures and stories we share, would be for Humans to realise  that every
single person carries a heavy burden inside and perhaps we should be kinder too one another. ”