50,000 Likes Q&A with Killian & Lee

To celebrate reaching 50,000 Likes on facebook we asked our Facebook followers to ask us any questions they wanted. Here’s our replies to the questions we were asked.


Kieran Monaghan Do many people refuse to take part?

Killian: I’ve found with some people that before we even get to say Hi they’ve given a clear indication that they don’t want to engage in conversation at all so I generally just let those people walk on, for all I know they could be in a hurry or maybe just having a bad day.

Once we actually talk to people I’ve found that most are willing to be a part of HOI. The biggest thing to get across is that we’re not trying to sell anything, people are so used to being bombarded by strangers looking for something from them that once they realise that all we want is a quick pic and a chat, they’re usually up for it. In saying that, some days it could take you two or maybe three hours in a town to get just one person who will agree to have their picture taken.. They’re the tough days.

Lee: Killian covered some of the problems we run into while out shooting for HOI. I find women can be the hardest to get pictures of. But i also find


Amanda Howard Do you travel all over Ireland or just the big cities?

Killian: Yes. Luckily for me my actual job takes me all over the country. Whenever I’m out & about I’ll always try to set aside some time to wander around the towns I pass through to try and capture some real Irish culture.

Lee: It’s the same with my job I travel around the country quite a bit and always try to allow extra time on my trips to shoot. But i would love to set aside a few days in the next few months to travel to some of the more remote parts of the country to try find some real characters to feature on HOI.


Ken McBride How do you decide to approach someone? Do you see them in what you would think would be a great photo, take the picture and then ask them? Or is it opposite, you see someone who looks interesting, ask them a question and then take the photo? just curious as to what factors in the decision to choose someone?


Killian: Personally I try to look out for what people are wearing. If someone is wearing a deliberate piece of clothing, say a bright pair of jeans, a funky hat or even just a colourful scarf, I figure they’re doing so in order to make a statement, albeit a small statement at times, still tho, I take it as an invite to explore that persons eccentricity. In saying that, some of the most incredible people I’ve met were dressed in very plain clothes.. for me, a key to if I’ll try to engage someone or not comes down to eye contact, I’ll try to make eye contact as we’re walking down the street and if they immediately look down or to their phone I’ll take it as a hint to leave them walk on by.

Lee: I try approach everyone and anyone as you can never tell what you’re gonna get from someone by just judging them on how they look. But sometimes i have a bit of a sixth sense about someone and usually they end up been the best stories. I just get this feeling from them.


MoGyver Holmes You guys should share the links again for the podcasts or radio programs that you’ve been on, where you answer some of these questions–they were excellent shows, as are you both!

Killian: Thanks a million. You can keep up to date with all of the press we do on the press section of our website: http://humansofireland.ie/press/


Eoghan Leddy Do you guys like ham sandwiches?

Killian: Personally I’m more of a chicken fillet/taco sauce kinda guy. Grew up on ‘hang’ sandwiches in school.. after all those packed lunches, I think I’ve had my fill.

Lee: I’m more of a chicken sandwich person myself, but i am partial to a toasted ham and cheese sandwich everyone now and then 🙂


Leonard Levesque you have met a lot of beautiful girls so my question is. How many girls’ phone number did you get?

Killian: HAHA.. NONE! Lee is happily married with a kid and although I’m single, I wouldn’t feel right asking a girl for their number. Don’t wanna come off creepy.. I’m already looking to take their picture 😉

Lee: As Killian said i’m happily married. But as not to lie to you i did get a girls number while out shooting for HOI, but the number was form Jackie the girl I meet in UCD that had been told her dog Dora was going to die. I asked for her number to contact her later as I wanted to help her in some way. If you’re not familiar with the story you can read about it here. http://humansofireland.ie/helping-jackie/


Laurie Noëlle Maher Will you come to tullamore and take the most awesome photo of me?

Killian: Yes! I’ll actually be in Tullamore on Sunday evening/Monday morning.. I might catch you on the street.


Truffles Winter Pepper If someone wanted to get involved, how would one do that?

Killian: Right now, It’s myself and Lee who do most of the work for HOI. Every portrait we’ve featured has been taken by either one of us. We have some help with the admin side of things which is handy cause between our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and website, there’s lot of updating.


Joan Kiernan Do you show all the people you take photos of?

Killian & Lee: We feel that everybody has a story. So many people we approach tell us that they wouldn’t consider themselves very interesting, however once speaking to them for a few minutes we learn that they have an incredible story to tell. Everyone does once the right questions are asked. So we aim to publish every portrait we take, however not everyone we photograph appears on our Facebook page. We want to keep some portraits exclusive to our website. Dont forget we have the full archive available for you to check out with over 300 humans featured on humansofireland.ie


Jennifer Plunkett Harrington What’s been the most unusual response you have received?

Killian: Aside from being told to shove my camera somewhere that my camera definitely wouldn’t fit. I’d say the most memorable response I’ve ever gotten was from a girl who opened up about her depression to me. To hear her speak so frankly about the night she tried to end her life was a huge eyeopener for me. It made me truly appreciate how fortunate I was that I’d never known the darkness that the depts of depression can bring over our fragile mind.

Lee: The most unusual response I’ve gotten was when i approached a man and told him the usual story of what we’re about and he agreed to let me take his picture, then when i sat down beside beside him to ask him a question he said ‘What? Have I got any money?……..ya can feck off with yourself.’  Then He then got up and walked off. It was so strange as i’d told him all about HOI and chanted for a minute before i took his picture. So it was totally unexpected.


Katie O’Brien How old are each of you?

Killian: Despite the grey hair, I’m only 30.

Lee: I’m 34.


Sylvia Nic Oisín Are you planning on publishing a book of your photos like HONY?

Killian & Lee: It’s the dream. One day, if the demand is there we would love to publish a book and donate a portion of the proceeds to charity.


Marie Hynes Is there anything in particular you guys have learned doing this? How has it changed/affected you?

Killian: The main thing I’ve learned is that people are awesome! Seriously, once given the opportunity to tell their story most people have over come huge hurdles, heart break, financial misery and keep on going, keep on living. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor.. the only thing that truly matters is that you’re happy or at least working towards something that will bring you happiness.

Lee: As Killian said people are amazing, some of the stories we’ve been told are so interesting and I feel honoured that it’s been shared with me. As i’ve only just met this person on the street a few minutes earlier. I’m amazed to at some of the stuff people have gone through and overcome, it puts your own problems into perspective.




50,000 Likes Q&A with Killian & Lee 50,000 Likes Q&A with Killian & Lee