‘I always swim in the sea down here (Bray, Co. Wicklow). I went for my first swim last year on the 31st of May, I guess I must have stayed in the water too long because I started to feel unwell so I headed for shore and saw a girl with her child sitting on the beach, so approached her, told her I wasn’t feeling well. I actually had hypothermia and while talking to her I wasn’t making much sense. She gave me a drink of tea from my flask, I kept giving it back to her and saying thanks even though it was my flask. She called the local old folks home to see if anyone had escaped, when they said everyone was accounted for she called an ambulance.
Sometimes I think if I had of died while out swimming that day that it would of been over and done with. Not that I want to die or anything but I’m at that age now where I wouldn’t mind if that’s the way I did go. I’d hate to lose my mind or be bedridden in a nursing home in a few years. At least that way would of being quick and I wouldn’t of known much about it.’ -L