‘ My mother was the most incredible woman. Right up till the end she continued to amaze us.
I’ll never forget the day I got a call from the hospital. When we arrived the doctor brought us straight into a room. I knew they don’t bring you into a room unless it’s serious.
The doctors told us my mother had taken a turn, she had, if she was lucky, 24 hours to live. I asked to see her and was told that wasn’t possible that evening and had to leave without seeing her.
I went home and rang the family, from cork to wexford, people came up from every corner of the country early the next morning. I got to the hospital first thing, I had tried to prepare myself for what that day might bring.
Opening the door to her room I cautiously popped my head in and there was, sitting up in the bed having a cup of tea, not a bother on her, wondering why all the family had come up to see her on the same day.
The doctors had no idea how she survived the night, she lived for five years after that and we cherished every day we had with her.’ – k