‘I’m trying to live without money. I had a job back home in France in a mental health care facility, but didn’t agree with the way the place was being run and the care the patients were getting. So I left my job and decided to try being more aware of the way I’m living and my effect on the environment, so I’m trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle.’
So how are you managing to live without money?
‘I travel around wwoofing.’
What is wwoofing?
‘Wwoofing is where you work on organic farms and in return you are fed and giving a place to stay, I’ve been working on a farm in Ireland the last six months. I plan on trying to travel to as many different countries this way.’
So how do you travel from place to place without money, do you have a bank account with some saving so that you have money to travel from country to country?
‘I have no bank account of savings. If at all possible I will try using ships to travel from place to place and work on these ships to pay my way. The only money I have at the moment is €60 that I will use to buy a ferry ticket home to France for Christmas to see my parents if I can’t find a ship that will take me.’ – L