‘I’ll never forget the night I decided to leave my husband.
Before we got married he’d get jealous at times which caused a little bit of tension in our relationship. I used to blame myself you know, thinking maybe it was my fault. However, after we got married his jealousy got worse and he began trying to control me, and my life.
One night, we’d had a big fight, it turned physical and I knew I had to leave him. He was standing in front of the hall door blocking me from getting out. I ran up the stairs, he came after me, grabbed my leg and I just remember kicking as hard as I could. I got him off me and knocked him down the stairs onto his back. I knew this was my only chance to make a break for it so jumped over the banister and ran out the front door straight to a neighbors house, my trousers were torn and every button had been ripped from my blouse. I phoned my brother who came and collected me.
I never went back to that house. Leaving that marriage was the best decisions I’ve ever made. No one should have to suffer like that.’ – k