‘I’ve just broken up with my girlfriend. She wasn’t ready for the kind of relationship that I was looking for.’

– k

*This was one of the most incredible and unique interactions I’ve had with one of our featured humans since beginning this project. I saw this guy sitting down, having a cigarette, completely minding his own business. I approached as I do with every person we look to feature and asked could I take his portrait. He obliged and I snapped a nice smiley picture. I sat down next to him, explained what our concept was and that we look to share peoples stories. Then I asked him what the biggest struggle in his life right now was. He paused, looked at me straight in the eye and said, “feel free to keep taking my picture as I tell you.”
He went on to talk about his relationship and the reasons why he felt he had to end it. It was heartbreaking, he obviously still cared very much about this girl but couldn’t see a way of them working it out. To watch as this guy open up and speak so honestly from the heart to me, a complete stranger, was incredible. When he finished I stood up, thanked him for being so honest and sharing his story with me, he looked at me, now through teary eye’s and replied, “thanks for asking.”