‘Years ago in London i saw this man collapse at a train station while I was on the train but didn’t get off to help as there was loads of people around him. All I could think about though for the next few days was if i could of done anything to help him. So I swore I’d never do nothing again and always try help. I’ve actually saved a couple of people’s lives since.’
‘Tell me about one of the people you saved.’
‘I was walking up the street one day, these two blokes came out of a pub and started fighting, one of the lads gave the other such a beating. Now I’ve seen my fair share of violence over the years but the beating this lad gave him was savage, he was unconscious in less then a minute and he was still hitting him. I ran up and starting shouting at your man to stop it and leave him alone, he did and left. The lad on the ground seemed to me choking on his own blood so i put my fingers in his mouth, cleared his airway and turned him on his side into the recovery position until the ambulance arrived.’ – L